Tap into The Power of Art for Manifestation and Transformation

Creative Spellwork:

In the place where creativity and magic converge, a profound alchemy can occur. Let’s explore the transformative power of using art as a tool for manifestation and personal transformation.


A transformative self portrait by Egon Schiele, is akin to spellwork where you can see the energies surrounding Schiele, an artist believed to be neurodivergent
Egon Schiele – Self portrait

Imagine a world where every brushstroke, every inked line, and every sculpted form becomes a potent spell. Creative Spellwork is the mystical marriage of artistic expression and intention-setting, where the act of creating transcends the physical and becomes a powerful tool for manifestation and transformation.

The Art of Setting Intentions:

At the heart of it all lies the art of setting intentions. Before the first stroke, artists need to descend into their inner selves, defining the energies they wish to invoke. This initial step transforms the creative process into a sacred act, where each element holds the potential to manifest desires and bring about personal transformation.

Infusing Symbols with Power:

Symbols, imbued with centuries of collective meaning and energy, stand as formidable conduits for manifestation within artistic expression. Artists can choose to infuse their creations with symbols that align with their intentions. Each choice of motif can become a deliberate act, charged with the potential to channel and amplify the energy of the spell. From the clandestine inclusion of sigils within paintings to the careful selection of ancient symbols, artists can employ a diverse array of techniques to imbue their work with layers of intention and significance. As viewers engage with these symbols, they too become participants in the energetic exchange, opening themselves to the transformative power of artistic manifestation.

The Ritual & Spells:

The ritualistic aspect of Creative Spellwork adds layers of intention to the artistic process by providing a structured framework through which artists can channel their energy and focus their intentions. Just as traditional rituals involve specific actions, symbols, and incantations to manifest desired outcomes, one can imbue the artistic process with similar elements. This may involve setting intentions, creating sacred space, incorporating ritual tools or materials, and performing symbolic actions throughout the creation process.

By engaging in these rituals, artists deepen their connection to their intentions, infusing their artwork with heightened energy and purpose. Additionally, the repetitive nature of rituals can serve to reinforce the artist’s intentions and enhance their focus, resulting in a more potent manifestation of their creative vision. Ultimately, the integration of ritualistic practices into the artistic process enriches the artwork with layers of meaning, symbolism, and intentionality, elevating it beyond mere aesthetic expression to become a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.

Visualizing the Desired Outcome:

Setting intentions is not enough one needs to also vividly visualize the desired outcome. Artists can immerse themselves in the vision of what they seek to manifest or transform. Through this visualization, the artwork becomes a visual affirmation, a tangible representation of the artist’s aspirations brought to life on the canvas or through the chosen medium.

Working with Energetic Flow:

Explore the concept of working with energetic flow during the creative process. Artists can tap into their own energy, as well as the energy surrounding them, to infuse their creations with vibrancy. By aligning with the natural ebb and flow of energies, artists enhance the potency of their work.

Charging the Artwork with Intent:

Once the artwork nears completion, artists engage in the crucial step of charging it with intent. This usually involves a ceremonial acknowledgment of the energies invested, a moment where the spell is woven into the very fabric of the creation. The artwork becomes a living spell, ready to radiate its magic into the world.

Personal Transformation Through Art:

The process of infusing intention into art becomes a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, leading artists on an inward exploration of their deepest desires, emotions, and experiences. As artists set their intentions and embark on the creative process, they are guided into the depths of their inner selves, uncovering hidden truths, wounds, and aspirations along the way.

Through the act of creation, artists often find themselves confronting and processing unresolved emotions and traumas, transforming pain into powerful expressions of healing and catharsis. By channeling their experiences into their art, they can often release emotional burdens and cultivate a sense of empowerment and resilience.

Moreover, infusing intention into art can serve as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, challenging artists to expand their creative boundaries, experiment with new techniques, and push beyond their comfort zones. As they navigate the ups and downs of the creative process, artists learn valuable lessons about perseverance, resilience, and self-expression, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and confidence.

Ultimately, the journey of infusing intention into art becomes a transformative experience, leading artists on a path of self-discovery, healing, and growth. Through their creative endeavors, they not only create works of beauty and meaning but also embark on a profound journey of inner exploration and self-realization, enriching their lives and inspiring others along the way.

Sharing Magic with the World:

The final act of Creative Spellwork involves sharing the magic-infused creation with the world. Whether through exhibitions, online platforms, or personal rituals, artists extend the spell’s influence beyond themselves. The ripple effect of their work touches those who encounter the artwork, inviting them to connect with its energies.

Landscape and houses by an artist thought to be neurodiverse
Landscape with Houses – Egon Schiele


Creative Spellwork is a mystical dance where art, intention, and magic intertwine. As we artists explore the profound alchemy within our creative expressions, may we manifest our desires, undergo personal transformations, and share the magic that we’ve woven into our creations with the world. In our work, we can become modern-day alchemists, shaping reality through the divine dance of art and magic.

Can I help?

I’m Kymba, a creativity coach for Witches and other people who believe in Magick who identify as female or non-gender-conforming and are neurodiverse/on the spectrum/have ADHD, etc. I help you get past your block, and teach you how to make your wonderfully imperfect art with the constraints imposed by your alternative neuro-operating system, aging/changing body, or demands of your job, space, or caregiving.

I teach people how to steal away the minutes that they need to start or maintain a daily artistic practice. I help people to find a way to make their authentic art and get it out there. I also help Third Age people make the pivot from corporate to creative. And I help people to rediscover the Magick in their art.

Call for Artists : This blog features art by artists who are thought to have been neurodiverse. If you’re an artist on the spectrum who would like your art featured, please reach out.

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