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Karla Hailer
43m  · 
Thank you, thank you, and thank you again…
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working with Kymba. I just knew I was overwhelmed and blocked creatively. Life had taken odd turns and, to be frank, I was drowning as a result. It was wonderful to have Kymba point out the somewhat obvious (in hindsight) changes I could make that I was missing, helping me with small and large tweaks that made big differences in my creativity. Having been diagnosed with ADHD later in life, Kymba’s coaching helped to break some of the old, negative scripts I often have running through my head that block my creativity.
For example, just adding “make art” to my daily checklist was a small tweak that gave me the permission my mind needed to add to a project. Larger tweaks, such as identifying, prioritizing, and focusing on what projects needed my attention vs. which could wait took a lot of the overwhelm off my shoulders. It is wonderful to rebuild habits that allow me to be creative no matter what life dumps on me on a day-to-day basis.
Thank you again!

I signed up with Kymba for weekly one-on-one sessions as I was struggling with motivation and focus. I am working on an MA Fine Art while dealing with deteriorating vision. Due to rapid changes in my visual acuity, my initial project proposal was no longer feasible, forcing me to explore new media and completely refocus. I was finding it emotionally draining and had lost my enthusiasm. I needed to talk to someone who understood both art and the struggle to make it.

Kymba was amazing, being totally supportive while offering practical advice and the kick in the pants that I needed. With her experience with a wide variety of media and her own challenges, she completely understood where I was at. She was able to immediately offer strong guidance on how to find my muse again. The best tip she gave me was that the enemy of creativity is perfection. That resonated with me and was my epiphany moment

After only two sessions of chatting with Kymba I felt so much better about where I am heading. I regrouped and, with her guidance, found a new niche that I hope will continue to expand as I continue with my art explorations. My confidence in myself has improved substantially from where I was before we started our sessions.

I highly recommend Kymba to any creative who is having issues with their focus, goals and/or frustrations. 

Shannon Fennell – shannonfennell.com

Artist Shannon Fennell standing in an art gallery

Working with Kymba as a guide and mentor is the best investment I have made during my artistic journey.   Her nurturing guidance has helped me gain confidence, and her wide experience in several artistic disciplines has led me to resources and techniques I might never have known about otherwise.  Our one-on-one sessions during the last few months have covered every topic from pricing to art history to the latest software for scheduling social media posts.  

I might have made the huge jump from corporate employee to professional artist on my own, but without Kymba I would never have stuck the landing!  
Carrie Sellers – PocketSavant
Carrie Sellers of PocketSavant.Com

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