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We Create - Creativity Circle

Imagine having a group of soul siblings who vibe with your unique blend of creative energy. Ready to boost your personal creative journey, from that quirky project to empowering you to reach beyond your grasp. Perfect for those in solo gigs or remote setups where no one gets to see your magic unfold.

Do you want company on your journey of self-discovery and artistic empowerment? As the popular saying goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

This transformative 6-week experience is dedicated to fostering creativity, building connections, overcoming artistic challenges and growing accountability. Within this space, you’ll discover the perfect environment to ignite your creative passions, gain valuable insights, and share your artistic journey with a supportive community.

What is the Online Creative Circle?

It’s a weekly gathering designed for people who are passionate about their artistic endeavors and wish to connect with others who also are. Limited to 6 participants per session, this intimate setting fosters personalized interaction, meaningful discussions, and ample idea-sharing.

What to Expect from your Online Creative Circle:

  • Transformative Journey: A six-week exploration empowering you to unlock your creative potential.
  • Supportive Community: A nurturing space for expressing your artistic aspirations, receiving guidance, and exploring your creativity.
  • Interactive Sessions: 90-minute to 2-hour explorations of your creative challenges and triumphs. With a maximum of 6 participants, these sessions encourage active engagement, including sharing experiences and receiving valuable feedback.
  • Diverse Perspectives: A group of people from various backgrounds and artistic disciplines, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives for unique insights and creative solutions.
  • Collaborative Learning: An environment for discussing creative endeavors, challenges, and dreams. Receive constructive feedback, advice, and encouragement from your peers.
  • Empowerment and Support: The primary goal is to empower you. Celebrate successes and find solutions to artistic challenges with the support you need to thrive.

Make Friends Who Understand Your Journey.
Connect with individuals on similar journeys who can relate to your challenges and celebrate your triumphs.

For personal goals, your Creativity Circle will keep you on track. With weekly check-ins to share your progress or discuss any roadblocks, things just become easier. Big tasks may seem daunting, but your accountability coven will be there, cheering you on, step by tiny step. Whether it’s starting to write that book whose idea has been burning brightly inside of you, embracing a new creative practice, or simply trying to practice your craft more, having the right companions can make the journey smoother.

Why Choose the Online Creative Circle with Me?

  • Diverse Artistic Achievements: My accomplishments in the world of art and creativity include creating at the Guggenheim Museum’s Members’ Holiday Party and having artwork featured in national magazines and galleries across three continents.
  • Versatile Creative Endeavors: Delving into various creative media, from photography to filmmaking to painting and social engaged art, I have demonstrated a considerable range artistic versatility that should help facilitate my understanding your unique artistic practice.
  • Spiritual Exploration: My decades-long experience in the realms of the occult sciences and the Tarot will help to guide your creative journey in unique and transformative ways.


Participate in the 6-week Online Creative Circle, a valuable investment in your creative journey, priced at $222 for the entire experience.

Scholarship Opportunity:

For those facing financial constraints, a needs-based scholarship is available to ensure inclusivity and provide everyone the opportunity to join our circle. A full 10% of my clients can receive help. Just ask!

Join the Online Creative Circle with me:

Secure your spot in the Online Creative Circle with an email and a deposit to let your creativity flourish. We look forward to sharing this creative adventure with you.

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