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Coaching for the Uniquely Creative +/or Neurodivergent

Are you a weird, Witchy, creative, +/or neurodivergent woman or non-binary/agender person? Cool, we have some stuff in common! Can I be your coach?

Weird, Witchy, creative, +/or Neurodivergent

I’m Kymba, dedicating nearly five decades to exploring the mystical and magical realms that beautifully intersect with my creative journey. As a neurodivergent individual, my passions extend to working with those on the ASD spectrum, embracing the unique perspectives it brings.

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About Me

My Specialization

I specialize in coaching that celebrates and supports the unique strengths of the ‘weird, Witchy, creative, and Neurodivergent. My focus is on marginalized genders including women and non-binary and agender folks.

Our Journey Together

Let’s embark on a journey where your individuality is not just embraced but recognized as a superpower. Remember that even superheroes have a learning curve for how best to use their abilities!

Your Unique Path

Whether you are just setting out on your journey; a seasoned artist, a budding mage, or simply curious about the connection between the two, this is a space for your unique path. In a realm where the boundaries between art and magic gracefully blur, we embrace YOUR diversity.

Transformation & Empowerment

Transformation takes center stage as the act of creating becomes a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual exploration. My practice is dedicated to uncovering the secrets, rituals, and techniques at the heart of transformation, guiding on a path of self-discovery and empowerment through the liminal space between creative expression and mystical practice. This liminal space is where transformation unfolds.

Let’s Collaborate!

Let’s collaborate to bring your unique vision to life!

If our focus is to be on your craft, self-expression, and facilitating the creation of your authentic art, there will be no emphasis on marketing, selling, or monetizing your creativity.

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Reach out to me today. I want to help!

Whichever is most comfortable for you!

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