7 Steps When Embarking on Your Art and Magick Journey: From Curiosity to Mastery


When you embark on a transformative journey where art and magick intertwine, you may need some guidance from your initial spark of curiosity to the mastery of both artistry and magick. Discover how to nurture your creativity and embrace the mystical.

Christ's Descent into Hell
Follower of Hieronymus Bosch
Bosch, an artist thought to be neurodivergent, was revered for his work at the intersection of art and magick.
Detail of Sisyphus from Christ’s Descent into Hell By a Follower of Hieronymus Bosch
Sisyphus is almost an apt metaphor for the art and magick journey but you won’t have
to start fresh each morning! 😉

1. Embracing Curiosity:

The journey begins with a profound sense of curiosity—an innate desire to explore the unknown. Allow your inquisitive nature to be the driving force behind your artistic and magickal pursuits. Ask questions, seek inspiration, and let your curiosity lay the foundation for a fulfilling and expansive journey. There are no bad questions. And remember, the questions that you ask yourself are often the most important ones. 

2. Building the Foundation:

Every great work is built on a solid foundation. Lay the groundwork for your journey by understanding fundamental artistic techniques, basic principles of magick and by creating a conducive space for both your creative and magickal practices. Are you physically and emotionally prepared for this journey? Do you have the time? Do you have the commitment? This foundation sets the stage for the demands of the callings of art and magick.

3. The Artistic Alchemy:

It’s very exciting to witness the transformative alchemy that occurs when creativity and magick intertwine. When you infuse your artwork with intention, symbolism, and magickal elements, you can turn each creation into a spell in its own right. As you explore the symbiotic relationship between these spheres, you’ll learn to unlock new dimensions of expression.

4. Tools of the Trade:

You will need to equip yourself with the essential tools needed for both artistic and magickal endeavors. Choose art supplies that resonate with your creative vision and craft magickal tools that amplify your intentions. Strike the perfect balance between tangible and metaphysical elements to enhance your journey.

5. Seeking Knowledge:

Illuminate your path with the lantern of knowledge. Seek wisdom in both art and magick by exploring resources, books, and online communities. Connect with mentors and like-minded individuals who can guide you on your journey, providing valuable insights and knowledge to fuel your growth. Choosing mentors and communities properly are critical decisions. There’s a tool that can help you make solid informed decisions and avoid predators, The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (https://www.neopagan.net/ABCDEF.html). While I would like to tell you that everyone in the magick community has your best interest at heart, it is unfortunately not true of any community. I encourage you to use this tool objectively and to trust your own intuition.

6. Nurturing Creativity:

There are different exercises that you can do to unleash the creative force within yourself whilst navigating the intersection of art and magick. Experiment with different art mediums, explore your magickal practices and embrace the intuitive power of creativity. See what happens when you incorporate your favorite method of divination with your artistic practice. Discover how a harmonious approach to both magick and art enhances your ability to manifest desires and cultivate a truly unique journey.

7. Setting Intentions:

Craft your journey with clear and focused intentions in both art and magickal practices. Create vision boards, write spells, and utilize affirmations to align your creative and magickal goals. Intention-setting becomes the guiding force that shapes a purposeful and enchanting path.

Important Things to Remember on Your Art and Magick Journey:

Remember that the transition from curiosity to mastery in any journey can be a long and difficult one. There will be side quests, setbacks, and false starts. Don’t get discouraged. There is a richness, depth, and additional meaning that can be added to your life through art and magick. Let this guide be your starting point. Embrace your curiosity, build a strong foundation, infuse your creations with intention, select the right tools, seek knowledge, nurture your creativity, and set clear intentions. May your journey be a magickal and transformative testament to your perseverance in the intertwined spheres of art and magick.

Can I help you on this journey?

Hi, I’m Kymba. I’m a creativity coach for Witches and other people who believe in Magick who identify as female or NB +/or are neurodiverse/on the spectrum/have ADHD, etc. I’m a Witch, an artist, and on the Spectrum. I help people to find a way to make their authentic art. I also help Third Age people make the pivot from corporate to creative. And I help people to rediscover the Magick in their art and put art in their Magick.

Are you a neurospicy artist?

I’d love to feature your art here. Please reach out.

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