Self-Love Poppet

Self Love Poppet

Did you need to be held and nurtured more?
Creating a self-love poppet, a magical doll to work spells on, is a meaningful and empowering process. This poppet will serve as a symbol of self-care and love.

Here are step-by-step directions:

Materials You Will Need:

  • A Piece of Your Old Clothing: Choose an article of clothing that has personal significance, perhaps from a time when you felt happy or loved.
  • A Lock of Your Own Hair: If possible, use a strand of hair to represent your own essence.
  • Needle and Thread: To sew and shape the poppet.
  • Scissors: For cutting fabric and thread.
  • Stuffing Material: Cotton, fabric scraps, or any soft material to stuff the poppet.
  • Small Mirror: To reflect your image and affirm self-love.
  • Ribbon or cord: To tie the lock of hair securely.

Steps to Create Your Self-Love Poppet:

  • Set Your Intention: Before you begin, take a few moments to clear your mind. Focus on the intention behind this poppet: to nurture self-love and self-care. You may wish to light a candle or burn some sage to crate a sacred space.
  • Prepare Your Materials: Lay out all your materials on a clean and quiet workspace.
  • Cut the Fabric: Using your old clothing, cut a double layer of fabric with the outsides facing in in the vague shape of a person. Make sure the shape represents you.
  • Sew the Poppet: Place the two pieces of fabric together, still with the outsides facing in. Begin sewing around the edges, leaving a small opening to stuff. As you sew, visualize filling the doll with self-love and care. You can even say affirmations or incantations to empower your intention.
  • Stuff the Poppet: Through the small opening, stuff the doll with your chosen material (cotton, fabric scraps, etc.) Visualize each bit of stuffing as love and care that you are nurturing within yourself. Be mindful and intentional.
  • Add the Hair: Place your lock of hair inside the doll, close to the heart area, representing your essence and self-love. As you do this, affirm your love for yourself.
  • Close the Poppet: After inserting the hair, continue sewing to close the opening. Ensure it’s securely sealed, binding the love and care within.
  • Attach the Small Mirror: Sew or glue a small mirror onto the face of the poppet. This mirror will remind you to reflect self-love whenever you look at it.
  • Personalize the Poppet: You can further personalize the poppet by sewing or painting symbols, words, or patterns that resonate with self-love on its surface.
  • Bless and Activate: Hold your self-love poppet in your hands, close your eyes, and infuse it with your love and positive energy. You can create a self-love spell or affirmation as you do this. For example, “This poppet represents self-love, and I love and care for myself deeply and unconditionally.”
  • Care for Your Poppet: Place the self-love poppet in a special and safe place. From time to time, take it out, hold it, and speak words of love and affirmation to yourself. Allow the poppet to be a physical reminder of self-love.

Remember that this poppet is a symbol of your intention and self-care. It can be a powerful tool to reinforce self-love and personal growth. You can carry it with you or place it on your altar as a constant reminder to love and care for yourself unconditionally.

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